Wow, Coral Gables is a "PLAYFUL CITY ...

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  • lucindaFLORIDA
    2+ weeks old

    Wow, Coral Gables is a "PLAYFUL CITY USA". Started browsing apartments in Coral Gables and researching the city as well as I will be transferring here late this year. As the mother of a 5 and 8 year old, I am sold on Coral Gables, I love how they have so many activities for kids.

    • silverwinds
      2+ weeks old

      I just moved here too and I absolutely love it! Glad someone else feels the same way.

    • That's true. Coral Gables is amazing for families! The Miracle Mile has a beauty of its own for parents and for kids. Visit Barnes and Nobles! Let me know what are you looking for. I can help you find a home!