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  • Wanits
    2+ weeks old

    Boynton Beach Mall. I need to get some housewares stuff for my new apartment. I need curtains, bedding, etc. Is Boynton Beach Mall just clothing stores or do they have housewares stores as well?

    • Pruffa Pro
      2+ weeks old

      No they don't just have clothing stores. They have some great places for housewares, such as Bed, Bath and Beyond. I think that would be the perfect place to find furnishing for the new apartment! They also have a Nativa. Check out all the stores here:

    • BBB33
      2+ weeks old

      Here's the store directory:
      They mostly have clothes, but Nativa sometimes has this type of stuff and other stores may have a small selection. If you are look for a wide selection of stuff I would go to a large department store. You will be able to find brand names that are cheap and still quality. Also, the selection will be much bigger than the selection at some small store like nativa.