Want an apartment near Kirkwood Park

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  • LadyGp
    2+ weeks old

    Want an apartment near Kirkwood Park. Oh wouldn't it be nice to have an apartment that overlooks the park?  I think YES! Anyone looking for a roommate or know of any rentals overlooking Kirkwood Park. 

    • Ruffles
      2+ weeks old

      I'm looking for a roommate, but I'm not to crazy about the idea of living near the park--I don't want to be able to hear children screaming from my window at all hours of the day. I would like to be overlooking the water and would be willing to pay the extra part of the rent since it will be more expensive to live near the river. You would obviously have to pay for part of the rent, but if it was $200 more just because it was on the water, I would pay for that extra amount. We should probably talk further about this, but if you want to look at apartments in the meantime just use the map setting so you can see if they are near the park or the water.