Stop Solicitors in My Apartment Complex

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  • astarisborn
    2+ weeks old

    Stop Solicitors in My Apartment Complex. So far, the landlord can't seem to control the soliciting going on here. The police won't even hear what I have to say either. These salespeople knock on my door almost daily trying to push something on me. I know some will say, "don't answer the door". Nonsense, it's my damn door, if someone knocks, I am answering it. Give me some tips on how to deal, even a sign on my door hasn't helped.

    • Charlie~29
      2+ weeks old

      Ugh, I hate solicitors. They just won't leave you alone, no matter how many signs, protests, or booby traps you throw in their way. Seems like you've exhausted all your options. I would suggest talking to your landlord to tighten up security against them, and if not, then I hate to be this guy but... just don't answer the door. Good luck!