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  • notTHEpres
    2+ weeks old

    Rents All Over the Map in DC. At least from my experience in the past week or so searching. I have seen rent for 1 or 2 bedrooms as low as 600 all the way up to 3k a month. I don't know where to begin. What is everyone paying these days? Any data on avg. prices on different size rentals in different parts of DC?

    • Randy Roman
      2+ weeks old

      Well, obviously, different neighborhoods can command varying price tags. A safer, more upscale neighborhood where you're likely to see a politician or two can go for thousands of dollars a month. A lower-income area with higher crime, conversely, is cheaper. You should meet with a real estate agent to discuss your price range, living preferences, and other requirements. For an overview of Washington DC and its neighborhoods, check out this link:

    • property values are also all over the map in DC. it depends on where you are looking. in Capitol Hill/Eastern Market it's hard to find a 2-bedroom under $3,000/month. A less desireable neighborhood, like Trinidad or Anacostia, might have 2-bedrooms for under $1,200/month. In general, in NW DC, $1500 will get you a studio; $2,000-$2800 will get you a one bedroom, $2,500+ will get you a 2-bedroom. as far as ceiling, there is none!