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  • Marcia T
    2+ weeks old

    my son is looking for an apartment to rent for a year. he will be attending Georgetown University in the fall as a graduate student and would like a place in or near Georgetown. Ideally under $1600/month. any ideas?

    • Cesar
      2+ weeks old

      I have a son currently at Georgetown and I will ask him what is 'known' within the Georgetown community.

    • IvanFB
      2+ weeks old

      There are hundreds of apartments available within just five miles of Georgetown University within your price range. In order to narrow your search, your son should choose whether he would like to live in DC or in Arlington, Va. DC will likely be more expensive, but you will be able to find affordable apartments in either location. You should be able to find an apartment that is close to campus that is around $1400 and is equipped with some or all of the amenities desired. If you look at the map setting and then adjust your criteria you will be able to look at the relative location of the apartments and then further adjust your price range. Good luck with your search.

    • Marcia, At $1600, he is looking at a studio apartment at best. If he teams up with someone they can probably find a small 2-Br for $2000-$2500. Start looking about 60 days before he wants to move in