my neighbors make alot of noise

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    2+ weeks old

    My neighbors make alot of noise. I can always hear the people from upstairs. They either have their music blasting or their surround-sound or baby crying. I'm about to loose my mind! my landlord says he can't do anything about it but it's my right for peace and quiet and don't think i should have to move to get away from noise.

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      2+ weeks old

      Considering there is no question asked here there is much to say other than that sucks. I'm assuming you are just getting some steam off, but if you want some advice I've been in a similar situation, except I was the loud one... Anyways, when I was the annoying neighbor my neighbors used to come and ask me to quite down all the time, but I never listened and my landlord couldn't do anything about it. So, my neighbors started being just as loud and it was incredibly annoying. Once I realized how annoying I was being I went over and apologized and was only super loud once in awhile. I would try that.