how to ensure i have off-street parking

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  • powers12
    2+ weeks old

    How to ensure i have off-street parking. I see many apartments that offer off-street parking but what im unsure of is if they will have enough spots for tenants. My friend has off-street parking and they still have to walk 10 minutes to get home. Also, will the landlord take care of the snow plowing in the winter? where will we park our cars?

    • skipatrol
      2+ weeks old

      You need to ask your landlord to get answers to both of these questions. Your parking should be close, but it might not be and your landlord should take care of plowing, but he might not. It all depends on the landlord. Make sure to find out when the plows come because if you are still park when they plow the street you will get blocked in and it's a pain to shovel out your car once there is a 5 foot wall next to it. It has happened to me before and it was awful...had to get three friends just to help me make room to get into my car.