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  • Kate725
    2+ weeks old

    We are looking for a two bedroom 1/2 bathroom apartment/condo/townhome to become our home for a reasonable price ($1100). We would like a large dog friendly atmosphere and we have had no luck so far searching on the web. Can someone point us in the right direction?

    Thank you
    Excited to move to Steamboat!!

    • Trav
      2+ weeks old

      Hi Kate,
      You are going to want to start on this page:


      Once there, choose your desired rent using the sliding filter. You will also need to click "show advanced options" and choose the option "Allow Large Dogs".

      One thing to keep in mind, sometimes the "Allow Large Dogs" option might not be 100% accurate, please write to or call the places you are interested in to confirm that they do in fact allow "Large Dogs "

    • becks
      2+ weeks old


      I'd like to be honest with you, so you can set realistic expectations. Most places are not dog-friendly in Steamboat, despite the number of people who own dogs. On top of that, housing is unfortunately not that cheap, so the chances finding a 2 bedroom for around $1100 is next to nothing. You can find wonderful 1 bedroom places for that price, but I've yet to find a 2 bedroom for under $1500. Good luck on your search!