Is moving to Montbello safe?

Montbello, CO ApartmentsbreakCommunity ForumbreakIs moving to Montbello safe?

  • run_this_town
    2+ weeks old

    Is moving to Montbello safe? I'm finding affordable housing in Montbello but I've heard it has a bad rep with the school system, crimes ect. I don't know if its worth the risk to buy something in this area. I checked a few places out and it looked run down but didn't look unsafe. What should I do?

    • CBrown
      2+ weeks old

      There are safe areas in Montbello, but overall it is not that safe of a city and the overall crime rate is above the state and national average. If you want to stay in Montbello, look at the northern limit of the town or the northwest region. As for the schools, I'm not 100% sure, but they aren't very good from what I've heard as well. You could enroll your child in a private school or a public school that accepts students from non-district area. I would call around to see what the school district allows. If you are finding places that you like, then I would say go for the move and figure out the school issue once you get there.