things to do in Henderson?

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  • coolpap
    2+ weeks old

    things to do in Henderson? My Family and I just moved to the Henderson area and want to know if there are any attractions close by for our kids? We also have relatives who will come up and visit and would like to know if there's any fun activities in the area

    • ELev
      2+ weeks old

      Go to this link for stuff to do:
      My favorite thing to do is take the short hike up to Jump Off Rock and look at the amazing view. I go about once a week and take the difficult trail every time and usually just hike around off the trail as well. There are some very easy trails that only take about 10 minutes, which would be good for your kids assuming they are young. If your family is more athletic, definitely take the difficult trail..its by far the most fun. I wouldnt suggest going off trail until you become familiar with the area, but you can definitely go off trail after you become acquinted with the area. Happy Hiking!