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  • kennancreative
    2+ weeks old

    We have had to sell our home in Golden and are looking for a two-bedroom apartment in the Golden/Lakewood/Wheat Ridge area. We can afford up to $800/mo, no pets, but we have been held back by my husband's felony drug charge (non-violent) 11 years ago. He was 19, caught in his own dorm room. Now he's almost 31 and drugs have no part in our lives today, but we keep getting rejected due to his youthful mistake. We are terrified this problem will make our children homeless. We've been looking for two months and now need to move ASAP. Any advice? Telling our story to the property managers hasn't helped, because they are usually not the deciders, nor can they give us access to them. Thanks.

    • Evelyn Troy
      2+ weeks old


      I am sorry to hear about your predicament. I did some research, and have at least narrowed some places down for you, these are listed in order by which may be the best/most promising:

      -Large 2 bedroom, 7800 W. 35th St., Wheat Ridge. (303)564-6080. No criminal record policy!
      $795/mo. incl. h/hw
      -1 bedroom w/den, 17611 W. 16th Ave., Golden. (720)306)8764. Felonies 10 years or older should be disclosed and are up to discretion of manager based on charge details. $775/mo

      Those are the only two I made contact with, but I can forward you some more possibilities, such as phone numbers I didn't get an answer at, but may be worth trying, in your price range:

      -(303)980-6518. Extra large 2 bdrm, free utilities, $760/mo. 18239 W. 3rd Place, Golden.
      -(303)278-9563. 1 bdrm. $775/mo. 12 S. Holman Way, Golden.
      -(303)421-5291. 1 bdrm. $615/mo. 4665 Kipling St. Wheat Ridge.
      -(303)987-3713. 2 bdrm townhouse. $710/mo. 4588 Everett Ct. Wheat Ridge.

      There are a few other that require you to create a profile at rent.com. If you search Golden, there should be around 4 options in your range.

      I sincerely hope one of these work out for you. I am sorry for the delayed response, but if you have any further questions, or need us to keep looking, feel free to re-submit your inquiry.
      Good luck!