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  • coloradoinquisitor
    2+ weeks old

    Avg. rents look pretty cheap in Co. Springs. Is this right? Anywhere from 500 for a studio to 1000 for a 3 bedroom apartment? If so, yes! I am coming from the NorthEast where rents are notoriously high. I will have the same job making the same type of money in Co. Springs, but rent will be a third of what I am paying.

    • sblau8
      2+ weeks old

      Better neighborhoods the farther north in CS. Avoid all along Academy Blvd, around Ft. Carson, and Peterson Air Force Base. Not sure where your work area will be but the best neighborhoods will be on the NW side of the city. The best school districts are Academy #20 (northside) and Cheyenne Mountain #12 (westside).