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  • Shella
    2+ weeks old

    243 Bus to the store. Will the 243 bus take me to a grocery store? My car is in the shop and I need to buy some groceries. I have my sister coming to stay at my apartment for the week. Any ideas what to do for fun around Winnetka?

    • Yo-Yo Pa
      2+ weeks old

      I'm not sure which store you want to go to, so here's a listing/map of Line 243 and its stops and route. I hope this helps...


      As for fun things to do, I would recommend going big. By that, I mean, your sister probably isn't used to the area, and hasn't seen all it has to offer. Don't just take her to the movies or a park. Take her to LA, which is nearby and reachable through public transportation if your car is still in the shop. Hope you have fun.