Need a roommate...PLEASE!!!!

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  • Tingerrocks
    2+ weeks old

    Need a roommate...PLEASE!!!! I just found my dream apartment on My Apartmen Map. It's a little more then I want to spend. Does anyone want to be my roommate? I'm clean quiet and I don't have any pets. I really really want this pad, I just can's afford it. It's a one bedroom one bathroom with a small office overlooking a park. I would be looking for someone to live in the small office. There is enough room for a single bed and a small table. You can keep your dresser in the hall way. 

    • Felicia Oozemeyer
      2+ weeks old

      I totally would have been your roommate had I seen this earlier, I suppose it's too late now. Me and my roommate of two years recently had a squabble (something about me capturing a wild raccoon and keeping it as a pet in our apartment, and then it bit her and gave her rabies, I don't know, I think she overreacted), and we went our separate ways. Now I don't have a roommate and can't afford the rent... I hope you see this soon! Contact me if you're interested!!