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  • Sharin
    2+ weeks old

    Apartments in the Hills. Is it true that the apartments in the "Hills" are super expensive? I really want to live in the Hills, just like on that show. Would it be best for me to find a roommate and then look for a place? Or find someone who already has an apartment in the Hills who is looking for a rommy?

    • ISpeakaTheTruth
      2+ weeks old

      First off, I am not sure what a rommy is, but I am going to take a stab and say you meant roomie? As in roommate? It is true, apartments in this section of LA are super expensive and unless you're on the cover of this weeks People magazine or followed around by paparazzi, you probably can't afford to live here. Time to expand your search radius, if you need another person to help you pay your rent, you can't afford to live here.