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  • Craig6
    2+ weeks old

    Sylmar Recreation Center Classes. Anyone know if they offer kickboxing classes at Sylmar Recreation Center? I'm sorry if this is a stupid questions, I just moved here. If they don't anyone know of a place that does. 

    • KJ56
      2+ weeks old

      Unfortunately they don't offer kickboxing here, but they do offer it at El Sereno Recreation Center and Lake Street Community Center. Here's a link to see the schedule for the classes:
      IF your looking for something a little more serious I would find a gym or studio you can go to--I've never been, but I like going to the classes at the gym since they aren't too intense or serious. If you're looking for something for self defense purposes I would suggest taking a self defense class or a karate/judo class. I took a few last summer and it was really fun and helpful. You could also try boxing at a local gym. I loved boxing and it was way more intense.