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  • surfsidelady
    2+ weeks old

    Just Beach Rentals or can I find year round residence here? I just love love love Surfside after having stayed there for 2 weeks 3 Summers ago. I have been poking around and I am having trouble finding a place that I can reside year round that rents by the month and not by the week.

    • Todd.Davis
      2+ weeks old

      Currently, there are no apartments for rent that are actually in Surfside, so you are going to need to look outside the city if you want to find a year round apartment. I would expand your search by changing the range of your search in the upper right corner of the search bar and then set the rest of the options to narrow down your search. Once you have a list of apartments that you like, read the descriptions to see if any of them are for permanent residency. If not, expand your search to further outside Surfside and you will eventually find some.

      Best of luck