Can my kid walk to the hospital?

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  • SingleMom
    2+ weeks old

    Can my kid walk to the hospital? We just moved here. I was unable to find an affortable apartment close to my work St. Frances Medical Center. So my son who is 5 needs to be at school by 8:00, but my shift starts at 7:00. Would it be safe for him to walk to Roosevelt Elementary School from the Hospital? 

    • LadyYoureCrazy
      2+ weeks old

      Ok, I am going to try to be nice. Your boy is 5, he should NOT be walking across the street alone, let alone from  to school from the hospital. He would have to cross Century Blvd/Martin Luther to even make this trek. Most schools have a program where parents can drop their kids off early, lots of time before school starts, please look into this.