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  • lifesabeachandsoamI
    2+ weeks old

    Beach Community Activities. Outside of the normal beach stuff, what is there to do in Seal Beach? The place we rent is basically right on the beach, so we spend a ton of time there. Gimme some ideas. Something inside wouldn't be so bad either.

    • aminas
      2+ weeks old

      Try this link for things to do:
      You could also try trip advisor. Personally, I never get bored of the beach and if it isn't nice out I usually just watch a movie inside. That's actually another good idea, go to the movies. If you live that close to the beach I don't know how you don't go every day. You could also look on for some ideas--they usually have some good stuff that has a lot of reviews from people from all over the world. Instead of just laying out at the beach you could try going for bike rides or runs along the beach, that's always fun and a good workout.

    • mcdonoughnicholas
      2+ weeks old

      There is a number options. It always depends on lifestyle and interest. See this blog post things to do in seal beach