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  • Curt Feggestad
    2+ weeks old

    I'll be consulting in Santa Fe Springs, CA from Jan 2013 through the end of Apr 2013. I'm looking for a furnished 1BR apt/exec suite/small home for rent within 15 miles. My wife will visit for a small portion of my stay.

    What are my options?

    • Kerri McDonnell
      2+ weeks old


      The closest furnished 1br apt to Santa Fe Springs is in La Habra Heights, CA, about 7 miles away. The Brooklake Apartments (888-264-1276) have 1 bedrooms for about $1225/month. They also have availability for more Short Term rentals, and are probably your best bet, as well as the most inexpensive I could find.

      In Seal Beach, CA the Archstone apartments are about $1300/month for a 1 bedroom, though it is a bit further from Santa Fe Springs (about 20 minutes by car).

      There are also numerous listings for studio or 1 bedroom lofts in LA, which is within 15 miles of Santa Fe Springs.

      Good luck!