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  • hotasamofo
    2+ weeks old

    Santa Barbara and unairconditioned apartment. I viewed a potential apartment in Santa Barbara last night. This is my first month in CA and so far it's been hot. The apartment I looked at is a basement unit and doesn't have an AC. Due to the windows being in the basement, putting a unit in the window will not work. Can I survive a CA Summer without an air conditioner?

    • Sandman
      2+ weeks old

      Living in Santa Barbara without A/C isn't as unbearable as other parts of California. The average high in June is 72, July is 75, Aug is 76, and September is 75. That's really not too hot at all. But whether you can get by without A/C depends on your preference. If a heat wave hits and its in the 90s for a few days, would you be able to handle it? If you're someone who really doesn't like hot weather, I would think not. So, it's up to you, but if you have absolutely no choice and can't have A/C, Santa Barbara's not a bad place to be.