Oi Vey, My Apartment is SOOO HOT!

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  • Hot In San Gabriel, CA
    2+ weeks old

    Oi Vey, My Apartment is SOOO HOT! Is there a cooling center in town? I need someplace to cool off, I swear its over 120 in my apartment. Any tips on cooling off an apartment during this heat wave?

    • Rachel
      2+ weeks old

      The best think you can do is drink lots of water. A great place to cool off if you need to leave your apartment is at the public library. The town of San Gabriel does have cooling stations, but they tend to become crowded as most people don't have AC in their apartment. Be sure to wear light colored clothing. If you do decide to go to a cooling station check out http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/docs/2011aug2C.... You can also dial 211 for cooling center locations.