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  • andreau
    2+ weeks old

    Morningside Elementary School. I need to find an apartment close to Morningside Elementary School. Can someone point me in the right direction. I need a two bedroom. I'm section 8.

    • mambo5
      2+ weeks old
      ^That's a link to all of the section 8 housing available in the San Fernando area. Since there isn't much section 8 housing available in this area it's going to be very hard to find apartments that are section 8 and close to Morningside. Your best option is to look for a section 8 apartment or house and then look to see if it is close enough to the school. You could also look for cheap apartments in the area that are close to the school--you will be able to find more options and many of them will probably be in the school area. Just go to the advanced options and click deals and special value or change your price range at the top of the listings page.