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  • dimasdiva
    2+ weeks old

    The San Dimas Housing Division. Has anyone had any luck working with the SD Housing Division? I am looking at their site, located here: and I will be needing to contact them for some help/rental assistance in the near future. If they are hard to work with, I would like to know ahead of time. If anyone has any tips on how to approach them, that would be great too.

    • shoutouttotamika
      2+ weeks old

      As long as you're friendly they'll be friendly too. I called a few weeks ago and the lady that helped me (Tamika) was very friendly and helpful. She told me all the things I needed to do to get housing assistance and she made it very easy for me to understand. Coming from someone that is easily confused about these sorts of things it should be a breeze for you. The city has a lot of different options for affordable housing and Tamika will help you out.