Apartment conundrum..to move not to move

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  • toroomornottoroom
    2+ weeks old

    Apartment conundrum..to move not to move. That is the question. I am currently paying 800 a month for a 2 bedroom, I could get a 3 bedroom for another 100 more. My conundrum is should I grab the 3 bedroom and get a roommate, charge him or her 400 a month and ultimately save myself 300 or so a month in rent?

    • justdoit
      2+ weeks old

      Absofruitly! If you can find a roommate that would be the perfect scenario. I charged my ex half the rent when she lived with me and then had another roommate pay the other half... but they both thought they were paying a third. It was awesome, I literally paid no rent and it was perfect. If you can make it so you're living for free, its great. The way I got away with it was that I made them sign a fake contract, thinking it was the real contract so that they wouldn't know what the real rent for the place was. Then, I forged their signatures on the actual lease. Super illegal, but whatever. They were super dumb and they're suckers. Sucks to be them! HA