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  • nomeat4me
    2+ weeks old

    Mice in my apartment. Help I have mice in my apartment. I have called my landlord seven times. I even called the Rosemead town hall. I'm a vegan so I can't do anything but catch and release. But I swear they are coming back into my apartment. My Apartment is on the first floor. Please help, what should I do???

    • Mister Mike
      2+ weeks old

      I recognize your attempt at humor. I'm going to ignore it, because that's what weak people resort to when they're scared. I will help you through this. First, buy mouse traps and cheese. Second, lay them out around your apartment. Third, wait for mice to be caught. The fourth step is crucial... these suckers need to be eaten, it's too bad you're vegan. I will hook you up with contacts who can lift these skittery furballs off your paws. The mice cuisine market is world-famous, and these guys are professionals who know it well; they've studied it in prestigious Ivy League institutions across 42 countries, and have first-hand experience with the lil guys in places like Nepal and Islamabad (except the mice are over 700 pounds there -- think of furry automobiles with teeth). Anyway, can you bring the mice to the Santa Monica pier tomorrow at 11 PM? There's a shipment going out, and I want people in France to be enjoying mice on their toast by next week (don't they like mice there? Isn't that what the movie Ratatouille was about?) Thanks bud, let me know.