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  • Thuy tran
    2+ weeks old

    I am looking for an apartment or a house located in Rosemead City. Maximum price is $900/month.

    • Q.Malahei
      2+ weeks old

      Thuy tran-

      Unfortunately I am not seeing any listings in Rosemead under $900. The closest I can find is a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house for $1275/month. (If you are interested in it anyway, click this link.)

      However, just MINUTES from Rosemead are San Gabriel, Alhambra, El Monte, Monterey Park, etc, and there are listings in these cities that are under $900! I think they'd be worth looking into. These are all within a 5 mile radius of Rosemead.

      For just $600/month, rent a 1 bedroom apartment in Monterey Park. It's part of a 2 bedroom apartment where there is already 1 roommate. Click on this link to learn more. I understand if you want to forgo a roommate, though, I totally wouldn't judge you!

      For $675/month at the Palm Villas Apartments in El Monte, you can rent a studio with all utilities paid! A refrigerator is included, too. You can call (877) 432-9038 to check availability, or visit their website at this link!

      Another is a studio for $800/month in San Gabriel. It is on the small side, at 360 square feet though. In any case, here is the link if you want to take a look.

      A last option for you is a studio for $875/month in San Gabriel, at Casa De Las Fuentes. It's 375 square feet. Click here to see the listing, or check out their website at this link.

      Hope these help!