How Mcuh Rent Can I afford in Pasadena?

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  • canIafford
    2+ weeks old

    How Mcuh Rent Can I afford in Pasadena? I make 41k a year, I get 1k a month in child support. My expenses are cable, electricity(unless I can find some place that includes utils), food for 2(myself and my boy) car insurance and misc odds and ends totaling 800 a month. Anyone have a fomula for determing what I can afford?

    • dhg8804
      2+ weeks old

      I just used the calculator that is available on myapartmentmap and it said that you should spend no more than $1325 on rent. You can find the calculator at this link: or by clicking on the affordable housing option on the homepage. The calculator takes into account your source(s) of income and your various expenses. The calculator will tell you how much you should spend on rent and how much you will have left over for miscellaneous expenses and your necessary expenses. Hope this helped--you should definitely be able to find something within your price range.