Meet up at El Girasol

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  • Getout
    2+ weeks old

    Meet up at El Girasol. Just moved to Pacoima. I need to get out of my apartment NOW. I feel like the walls are caving in on me.  Anyone care to meet up at El Girasol for a few drinks?

    • Catty Papopo
      2+ weeks old

      I will show up tonight at midnight wearing vibrant orange overalls, a bowler hat, and moccasins. If you see me, ask, "are you in the business of catching wild boars, or leprechauns?" I will respond by saying, "I hope you're not responsible for the lack of penguins in Montana, you really shouldn't have eaten that for breakfast." Once this exchange has effectively transpired, we will imbibe those few drinks you speak of. I will see you then, SeƱor Rainmaker.