Any nice areas in Oakland?

Oakland, CA ApartmentsbreakCommunity ForumbreakAny nice areas in Oakland?

  • lovemebaby
    2+ weeks old

    Any nice areas in Oakland? I am afraid I might make a bad choice apartment wise and end up in a neighborhood with riff raff. I am not from Oakland but I am being transferred here come Fall. We have all seen the news stories/reports, and it's always some crime or drama. Those from Oakland, where should I be looking?

    • Vivas
      2+ weeks old

      I would look outside of Oakland; it has a high crime rate. Just because you are working there doesn't mean you need to live there. Especially if you have a family, this is not a great place to live. Try to look in Oakland and then expand your search so that you can find places that are outside of the Oakland area.