I'm trying to find a two bedroom ...

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  • car
    2+ weeks old

    I'm trying to find a two bedroom apartment close to Schurr High School.

    • Felicia Rashaad
      2+ weeks old


      I found a few bits of information that may help you.
      Somerset Apartments (1-888-472-4145), 336 N. Garfield Ave., 1.4 miles from Schurr.

      Images of this place, along with a few other options you may want to consider that don't provide an address online, can be found by searching Montebello on this site. Adjust the Range slide bar to Within City, and the Bedrooms slide bar to 2.

      Monterey Park also zones some students to Schurr High School, are you also interested in living there?

      I would call Schurr High School (323-887-3090), and explain to them that you would like to live in their zoning area. My guess is they will have a map to show you which areas are included.

      I apologize for not having a concrete answer for you, but I recommend checking out that first complex, viewing some others, and calling the school. After that, you may have a better idea of at least where to start. Feel free to write back, of course, and either way I'll be happy to continue helping you!

      Felicia Rashaad