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  • Fleming
    2+ weeks old

    We are a retired couple, looking for 3 -6 mos. rental, furnished 1 bedroom apartment near San Clemente, CA.

    • DarrenLAgent
      2+ weeks old

      Fleming- I did a little research, and wasn't able to find a furnished apartment in San Clemente. About 10 miles away at Seabrook Apartments, in Dana Point, CA, I found furnished one-bedrooms for between $1400-1700/month. Their leases are flexible. Their number is (855) 393-8847.

      The Barcelona Apartments in Viejo, CA, about 15 miles away, have furnished 1 bedrooms for around $1600/month. Their number is (949) 243-7602, and you can choose a lease of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

      A third option is in Irvine, CA, also about 15 miles away from San Clemente. One bedrooms are between $1600 and $2200/month, leases can be flexible, and their number is (469) 795-0485.

      Good luck!