Sherlane Sec 8, any good?

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  • LindaS
    2+ weeks old

    Sherlane Sec 8, any good? Moving to Midway City. I'm Sec 8. I saw Sherlane listed on here as Sec 8. Has anyone ever lived here? I'm just wondering if these apartments are any good. 

    • bangforyourbuck
      2+ weeks old

      I haven't lived there, but I did live near here a few years ago. I had a few friends that lived there and they said it was ok. It obviously isn't the nicest housing but they said that it was livable and worth the rent. The rent isn't super cheap, but for the area it is cheap and the apartment complex has a pool. They said the pool was nice and I swam there a few times and it was nice. If you are looking in the area, this is probably the best sec 8 housing you will find.