Asian Population in Los Feliz?

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  • felizleez
    2+ weeks old

    Asian Population in Los Feliz? I am looking for an apartment in a neighborhood with a nice Asian population, these are my people. Can someone tell me about Los Feliz? From poking around online, it seems to be in line with what I am looking for. Asian Markets, food and culture, etc.

    • Royce
      2+ weeks old

      Sure, there's definitely a strong presence of the culture in Los Feliz, I love to go to the Asian restaurants there. The Palace is my favorite. You would definitely feel comfortable there... but check out Diamond Bar, which is pretty close. I have a friend who lives there and he's always talking about the Asian culture there. If you look at the demographics for it, it's 55% Asian and 33% White. I think you would like it there too. Best of luck.