Flooding in my apartment

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  • tianne
    2+ weeks old

    Flooding in my apartment. I just moved into my apartment last week. Yesterday the apartment above me had a leak. Water got into my apartment and all my boxes are wet. There is a lot of damage. Is my landlord liable for this? Or should I ask the lady in the apartment upstairs to pay me?

    • Jerome Jitterz_12
      2+ weeks old

      Well, it depends. What happened? Did this poor old woman just accidentally leave the bath running? Or did she hook up five sprinklers and a stolen fire hydrant to maliciously flood your apartment? If that's the case, then you really have to wonder what you did to this poor grandmother of eight that would drive her to such felonious behavior. Loud music? Were you impolite in hallway exchanges? Or, worst of all, did you tell her that her wonderfully delicious chocolate chip cookies tasted like a wet wombat's fur? You have to apologize to her immediately.

    • Luluu
      2+ weeks old

      I'm sorry to here about your stuff, that stinks. I would take a look at your contract and read it very carefully. If the leak came through the window from the window above you due to rain, it would be the landlords fault, or could be the fault of the renter if they did not report the window being broken. If the leak came from the lady upstairs spilling water or overflowing something, it would be her responsibility, but it would most likely not be your responsibility to confront her. I would take to your landlord and see what they think. Either way you should be reimbursed for the damages.