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  • cristina
    2+ weeks old

    I need a place that will accept my "more than 25 pound pup!" Please :(

    • Terry Boloney
      2+ weeks old

      Hi Cristina,

      This was quite the undertaking. Many apartments seem to list themselves as allowing large dogs, but cut off at 25 or 30 lbs. Also, Lancaster had no listings for large dogs at this time. I searched for twenty miles in the surrounding area and came up with a few things that might work for you.
      I know it's only a 5 pound window, but Singing Tree in Anaheim and The Ashton in Corona both have a 30lb. max.
      La Serena Apartments in Rowland Heights and Marquessa in Corona both advertise as accepting large dogs, and say nothing specific about weight restrictions.
      Parkwood Apartments in Corona didn't list weight cutoffs, but does have breed restrictions and requires a $500 dog deposit.
      Brookwood Villas in Corona seems most promising; they list as 'accepts large dogs' and has a 'doggy play area' listed as one of their property amenities.

      I hope one of these works out for you; it's more difficult than it seems finding a home for a large dog, I know. Feel free to re-submit if none of these work out for you, and check back as our listings are updated frequently.

      Good luck to you and your pooch!

      Terry Boloney