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  • dpeterson
    2+ weeks old

    My son just moved to LA and is staying in Costa Mesa with a friend while desperately trying to find a one bedroom one bath to rent no more than a thousand dollars a month. He thinks he might like to live in Long Beach or Lakewood but every apartment he has looked at is not very nice any suggestions where he can get a safe clean one bedroom that is affordable? Thank you

    • nicki.jaayy
      2+ weeks old


      Though I have not personally visited any of these, I was able to find some that might suit your son's needs. I think the main issue is that for a very expensive area of the country, he has a very low budget, which means he will be stuck with the rest of people who have very low budgets, if you know what I mean.

      That being said, there are some that look nicer than others. The Lakewood Manor Apartments ((877) 381-1361) claim to be gated, with secure access, and management on the premises. A studio starts at about $900/month and includes water, sewer and trash.

      The Cypress Garden Villas ((866) 751-6860) in Hawaiian Gardens don't sound half bad either, where a 1 bedroom starts at $995.

      The Sea Pointe Apartments ((888) 333-6745) in Long Beach have secure access & alarm systems, and studios start at $995/month. Water, sewer & trash are included and a laundry facility is on the premises.

      The Loma Apartments ( (877) 525-6320) have secure access and a manager on-site, and a 1 bedroom starts at $1000/month.

      You may want to have him ask his friends via social media for suggestions, and even something as simple as googling ratings for apartment communities may be a big help.

      Good luck!