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  • Ginger6
    2+ weeks old

    Temple Beth Tikvah. My family and I are moving to La Habra Heights. Can someone tell me if Temple Beth Tikvah.is a good Temple for families? Our last Temple was great for kids, they had a lot of family events. We are downsizing to from a house to an apartment, so I want to make sure my kids have a good support group. 

    • MollMozen
      2+ weeks old

      It is absolutely a wonderful temple. Everyone in my family (not just this generation, but the generations before it too) are members, and have never had a complaint. There is a genuine sense of community there, and they do a great job of keeping the little youngsters out of shenanigans. You and your spouse will also appreciate the eloquence of their services, as well as the outreach events they hold in the community. I definitely recommend Temple Beth Tikvah, hope to see you there soon!