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  • lord of the land
    2+ weeks old

    I am a landlord in Irvine. I would like to offer my units to folks looking for either section 8 or affordable housing. How do I go about getting this setup with the city and or state? I recently purchased these properties, so accepting the vouchers from renters is new to me.

    • Sanchez
      2+ weeks old

      To be able to offer your housing to Section 8 recipients and become their landlord, you normally have to fill out a form at City Hall and wait for it to be approved. Some cities have these forms online, but I can't find any Section 8 info on Irvine's site. Sometimes these requests have to go through the city's housing authority... I would recommend going to the City Hall in person. You will definitely be able to find someone that can help you out.

    • Darlene40
      2+ weeks old

      Orange County Housing Authority. I reside in Irvine but my voucher was issued by Anaheim Housing Authority. It was accepted in Irvine because the city of Irvine is in Orange County. I've included the link to the owners section of the housing authority.


      Follow the link below & scroll down to the "Operational Documents" section. Click on the "2016 Payment Standards" file to see the maximum amount that section 8 pays for bedroom sizes. Irvine is one of many cities that has "Restricted Payment Standards" which means it's a high pay area.

      Hope this helps. Here's the link.