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  • Patricia Rodzewich
    2+ weeks old

    Which apts, condos, or TownHouses have attached garages in Huntington Beach?

    • thelegend
      2+ weeks old

      Hi Patricia-

      I couldn't believe how many listings had wide open parking lots, or detached garages!

      Luckily I did find a few that had attached garages though! One is the Surfside Villas, at 7795 Neptune Drive, Huntington Beach. They have 2-car attached garages. Their number is (888)904-3698, and they are 2-4 bedrooms.

      Huntington Sands at 17871 Bell Circle Huntington Beach, CA has garages, and is 1-4 bedroom. Call them at (866) 229-1413.

      A third option is the Beach Grove Apartments at 16851 Nichols St, which has 2 bed 1 bath apartments with garages. They can be reached at (877) 343-2539.