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  • HB_parkingproblemo
    2+ weeks old

    Parkiing for Huntington Beach Residents. I am renting right along the beach, 12th st and walnut ave to be exact. I am constantly fighting beach goers for a parking spot. Something needs to be done. I will seriously drive 10 minutes around my rental looking for a spot daily and I don't seem to have an recourse. Can I get some ideas please? Is it legal to hold my spot? Ill put a traffic cone out if I can.

    • Yakob
      2+ weeks old

      Well, was there a parking spot guaranteed in your lease? If so, then beach goers really have no right to take it. But if you weren't guaranteed a spot, I'm not sure there's anything you can do. If you have a spot, ask your landlord to put up a sign saying it's a renter-only parking spot, and if people park there, just have them towed. That should work. Good luck!