How safe is Homeland?

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  • JennaVille
    2+ weeks old

    How safe is Homeland? I need to move to the area for my job. I'm currently living in a very safe neighborhood. I need to find another neighborhood where I don't have to lock my apartment door all the time. You know where everyone knows everyone. Looking for an apartment in a friendly neighborhood. 

    • dontdoit...
      2+ weeks old

      Homeland and the surrounding areas are safe, but planning on leaving your apartment unlocked at times is just bad news. No matter where you live, how safe it is, or how well you know everyone around you, accidents are bound to happen. Someone is going to get robbed. Just because you live in a safe place where everyone knows everyone else doesn't mean someone isn't going to come in from a neighboring town and go searching for people like you that leave their doors unlocked. Don't do it. Some could happen one day. Not saying it will, but leaving your doors unlocked is just increasing the chances.