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  • hearthebirds
    2+ weeks old

    Big City? Bright Lights. Is Hawaiian Gardens a big city? I just took a job in LA and I need to find an apartment near by. I don't want to live in a big city. Hoping for a quiet suburb.

    • ducky
      2+ weeks old

      I live in Hawaiian Gardens and absolutely love it. As long as you don't live right next to the casino it is a perfect small town to live in with quaint little neighborhoods with easy access to the city. I drive into LA everyday and it isn't that bad, considering the amount of traffic that there is. Sometimes there will be an accident or whatnot and it will take forever to drive there or get home, but that can be expected for commuting to any major city. If you want to commute by pub trans, I'm not sure how that is in the area since I've never used it. You should definitely move here!