Need a place in Hacienda near one of ...

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  • searchingfordays
    2+ weeks old

    Need a place in Hacienda near one of the following. The 60, 605 and 57 freeways. Living near one of these major roads will allow me to get to work easily as my office is accessible from all 3. Anybody have information on complexes or houses for rent near any of these locations?

    • Jimmer Jimmy Jim James
      2+ weeks old

      Sure. Definitely possible. Good thinking. You know, with commuting and all. I respect that. You're planning ahead. Short morning commute.Then you can sleep later. If you lived far from the freeways... well... you couldn't sleep in. And sleep's good. More sleep is good, I mean. So, good thinking. You know, living close. Then you just take your car. And you go right on the road. The main road, I mean. Freeways. Right to work. Then right back. Later, obviously. After work. When the work's all done. When everyone's gone home. And it's around five. Maybe six. Seven if you prefer. Not eight............ welp, here's a map.