Amerige Park vs. Lemon Park

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  • Kilped
    2+ weeks old

    Amerige Park vs. Lemon Park. I looked at two apartments today in Fullerton. They were both the same price. So help me people which is better Lemon Park or Amerige Park? The one in Amerige Park had two bedrooms one of the rooms was really small though, so I'll use it as an office. Lemon park was bigger but it only had one bedroom. I liked both. 

    • Yasseah
      2+ weeks old

      Well, office space is always a plus, especially if you'll be working from home a lot (I don't know if this is true for you, I was just saying).

      Choose for yourself with these links!

    • lemonluv
      2+ weeks old

      I don't know anything about either park, but I would chose lemon park just because it has a better name. Also, I'm assuming you can steal lemons from the trees at the park and I love lemons. There is a place near my current apartment that grows lemons and I steal them all the time and I really don't want to move. Do you think there are actually lemons in Fullerton? I NEED to live somewhere that grows lemons. I'm addicted. Please let me know if you move there and if there are lemons--I don't have to move for another few months and I'm not going to move there if there are no lemons. Thanks.