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  • waler
    2+ weeks old

    El Segundo Golf Course. Anyone members of the El Segundo Golf Course? Just moved here and I need to get out of the apartment. Are they accepting new members? Do they offer Tennis?

    • Jeff.G
      2+ weeks old

      I'm not sure if they are accepting new members right now, but I work there so I could probably get you a spot if they aren't accepting. A few years ago the wait list was a couple months, so it might be even longer now. Post again here if you still want a membership and I can try to help you out, not sure how much pull I have, I've only been working there a year or so and its only part time. As for tennis courts, there aren't any there, but it would be really nice if they had some! I'm not sure where you could find tennis courts in the area but I'm sure there are some public ones or a private club that has them. Hope to see you around the course.