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  • laceyswift
    2+ weeks old

    A Few Apartments To Choose From. So far, I have looked at The Hills of Diamond Bar, The Summit at Chino Hills, and Emerald Points. All are super nice, all around the same price. Anybody here live at either of these 3 complexes? If so, pros and cons?

    • allaptscreatedequal
      2+ weeks old

      I visited all three complexes when I was looking in the area and ended up choosing Diamond Bar because one of my friends lived there. I honestly can say that there aren't really any pros and cons that differ between the three places--they are basically exactly the same. I would base your decision off of the property manager and how nice they seem and see if they will be a good manager. I would also look to see who lives in each complex and what type of people live in the complex so you can gauge which complex is the best fit for you, based on the people that live there. In reality, it doesn't matter which one you choose.