Senior Residents. Living in Claremont.

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  • NeverTooOld2Move
    2+ weeks old

    Senior Residents. Living in Claremont. Hello, my wife and I have decided to rent in Claremont while we look for a new home. We are very active and are trying to find senior related things to do in town or near town. Any suggestions? My wife loves Mahjong.

    • yannip
      2+ weeks old

      My grammy used to go here:
      She always had a good time and was always meeting new people and finding things to do. I'm pretty sure she had a more active social life than I did...sad, but true. She was literally always with people going out to eat, playing games, going around the city. Half the time I don't even know what she was doing, but she was having a good time. You should definitely check it out!