Is Canoga Av a good place to live?

Canoga Park, CA ApartmentsbreakCommunity ForumbreakIs Canoga Av a good place to live?

  • Jennifer9
    2+ weeks old

    Is Canoga Av a good place to live? I looking at two different apartments on Canoga Av. I'm moving here from another state, so I don't know the area very well. Does anyone on here live on this street. Is it a good area?

    • abc909
      2+ weeks old

      Yes, it's a great area. Not sure if you have kids, but there are a good amount of families in the area so you will meet tons of new people around. People are always outside and are very friendly to welcome newcomers. When I moved to the area people were very nice and I made many new friends outside of work very easily. It's nice to know that you're in a nice area with nice will really like it here I think. Also, the city in all is very nice so if you find an apartment that you like better somewhere else you will still live in a great area. Hope the move goes well